Winter Garden 101

Winter Garden 101

Important Jobs for Winter Gardeners

    With all the festivities over and done with, many of us have forgotten the wonderful world that is our garden. Though the weather has become bitter and cold, there are still jobs to be done, and some beautiful plants that you can add to your Winter Garden.

Things To Do:

We know it’s cold out, but there are still some important jobs to be done in order to get that ideal winter garden. So pop on your wooly hat and gloves and get going!

Keep off the Lawn!

Although your lawn maybe in desperate need of a trim, by cutting the lawn now you risk cutting the grass too short, which stresses the plants and can weaken their root system. A damaged root system can lead to a thin and weedy growth.

Perfect Pruning Time! 

To make way for new growth in spring, plants such as fruit trees need to be pruned. By pruning, you are cutting away all the dead matter on the plant, allowing all the plants energy to be used for new growth. Plants such as apple and pear trees, Pyracantha (or Firethorn) need to be pruned around this time of year. Any deciduous trees (non-evergreen) must be pruned as well. 

Out With The Old and In With The New…

Another job that can be done to spruce up your Winter Garden is replacing any autumn bedding. Your Autumn bedding plants may not have survived the cold snap, so now is a good time to replace them with some fresh bedding plants. Plants like primroses, Witch Hazel, Hellebores, and Heathers are all perfect to add to your garden this time of year. Adrian Jones, one of our skilled Plant managers, recommends Winter Jasmine, its bright yellow blooms will brighten up any garden, but it is also extremely attractive to Bees.

Seed Sowing Season

As seed sowing season is just around the corner, start planning what you would like to grow this year. Why not try growing your own fruit and vegetables? Have a think about what you would like to grow and buy the seeds you need now. One of the top tips for sowing seeds, is to sow in succession. Don’t sow all your tomato, or broad bean seeds at the same time, as you will get a bulk crop all at once and produce will be wasted. If you sow in succession produce will appear in a steady flow, which means you can enjoy your home grown vegetables without wasting too much food.

Odd Jobs

Now you have your new bedding, you have decided on the seeds you would like to plant, and you have pruned everything that needs to be pruned, it’s time to catch up on some odd jobs before spring arrives. Gardening tools need to be cleaned, secateurs need to be sharpened and oiled. Any old plant pots could be washed so they can be used for new plants in spring.

These are our top tips to look after your garden this winter.