What's new in house plants for 2017

What's new in house plants for 2017

After a turbulent 2016 we are all hoping for some calm in 2017. Pantone reflected this mood by their choice of colour of the year which was 'Greenery'. There is also a move to surround ourselves with nature in the form of plants, reminding ourselves that despite everything, there is some calm and peace in the world around us.


More and more people now are discovering the pleasures of travelling the world or exploring the countryside with our love of walking or hiking. Our outdoor living spaces however, are becoming smaller with many people living in apartments or newly built houses with compact gardens. There is also a rising awareness of just how much our plants improve our environment. Even the humble Sansevieria (snake plant/Mother-in-law's tongue) has been given the seal of approval from NASA.  This year 2017 sees the rise in popularity of bringing nature inside 'bringing the outdoors in' and we will look at what plants we feel many people will be enjoying in their homes this year.



Foliage plants are the most popular this year with Ficus Lyrata What's new in house plants for 2017 - Foliagebambino also known as the Fiddle leaf plant (Pictured right) at the top of the list, with its dark glossy architectural foliage. This slow growing Ficus can be grown as a Bonsai or left to grow tall and slender. The delicate fronds of the  Boston fern are also catching our attention. Ferns grow naturally in dappled shade and enjoy humidity conditions, so the bathroom is an ideal place for this gem.  The Calathea plant is also great for bathrooms as it loves humidity and shade. Striking to look at with its soft and velvety striped leaves, unfurling as they grow. This plant will add a pretty feature to any room.



Low Maintenance

SucculantCacti and Aloe plants are next on the list as they are easy to care for and come in so many shapes and sizes: finding one that will suit your home or look is not difficult. Cacti enjoy a bright, sunny environment in summer and cooler conditions in winter. The needs of succulents can vary. When you are buying these or any plant it's always best to ask our trained staff their advice and research your plant to get the very best from it.

Spider plants and ivies are still a great favourites in the home, both are trailing plants so they can be hung from a pot or trailed over the side of  a counter or unit. Both these plants need a certain amount of light as they can become rather leggy with too little and a variegated ivy can lose rather a lot of its variegation.



Another trend this year are Terrariums. These are glass containers inside which plants are grown. You can use anything from a jar, a full sized glass tank or a hanging glass bowl in all sorts of shapes or sizes. Think about what you want to plant inside your terrarium. Succulents and cacti are used to drier conditions but ferns and moss prefer more moisture so each will need its own unique pattern of watering. Also, with the glass container being effectively like a small greenhouse, it is a good idea to not place the terrarium in direct sunlight as this will cause the plants overheat and die.



Around the home

What's new in house plants for 2017 - Around The HomeDecorating our homes with plants can be fun and many people are opting for new and unique ways of styling their houseplants. There are so many creative styles we can explore. For instance macrame is very much back in fashion. Macrame is the enjoyable craft of weaving and knotting (using string or cord) without needles These pretty shapes can be turned into decorative edgings, jewellery or hanging pot holders. Depending on your style you can choose from glass domes, plants stands, shelves, ceramics or polished copper and wood, just let your imagination run wild and bring the outdoors in.




For a healthier and more relaxed environment add some houseplants to your home - for more advice just ask our trained staff in our houseplant department