Five aromatic plants for a sweet scented garden

Our gardens are a source of sensual delight that we enjoy all the year round.
We sit surrounded by plants of breathtaking colour, delicious home grown products and the relaxing sounds of nature.
Here we enjoy aromatic smells in the form of flowers and shrubs, many of which evoke happy memories, flowers that will create a pleasant atmosphere on warm summer evenings. We may choose to have a sweet scented climber surround us on a trellis or lavender along the edge of a path where our fingertips will brush lightly past releasing a cloud of scent into our environment.     Here are five plants and shrubs we think you may enjoy for their aroma                    



Sarcococca Hookeriana 'Winter Gem' (Sweet Box)

A slow growing shrub with dark green glossy leaves and aromatic white winter flowers followed by round red berries that ripen to black, happy in partial shade this shrub will flower in late winter and early spring, low maintenance and great for garden wildlife.


Syringa 'Red Pixie' lilac

 This compact shrub loves full sun and looks great in a pot or container. It has green oval leaves and ruby red buds that open in may and June to reveal pink flowers. Butterflies are naturally drawn to the scent of its tiny flowers.


  Buddleja 'Sophie'

This beautiful shrub is perfect for growing in a pot or in the garden. Its graceful arching branches are tipped with pale purple aromatic flowers. Remember to remove the dead flowers and you will be rewarded with new flower clusters. Commonly known as the butterfly bush this plant is loved by wildlife and will flower for you from April to September.


 Mexican Orange 'Aztec Pearl'

This evergreen shrub has dark green glossy palmately (hand shaped) leaves and citrus scented pinky-white, star shaped flowers that open in the spring and autumn. It's plant that can be grown in sun or shade however to encourage more flowers plant it in a brighter part of your garden but sheltered from the wind.

 Jasminoides Trachelospermum 'White Wing'

Woody evergreen climber with dark green leaves and white fragrant flowers. train it to climb up walls and fences in sun or semi shade and it will flower throughout the summer


You don't need a large garden enjoy theses fragrant pleasures, a small courtyard or balcony can be planted with deliciously scented plants in pots and containers.