Planning Your Dream Garden

Gardening is known for being an excellent pastime as far as a healthy mind or body go, and this is the time of year we can make a start on our gardens by giving the garden a bit of a tidy, some weeding, pruning and deadheading. At the moment sadly (the moment being late January) it is still very cold with plenty of snow and heavy rain falling. What we can do now though, is sit comfortably down with a pen and notebook and start planning our dream garden.

Firstly, remember when you are planning your garden keep in mind the mantra of Beth Chatto "right plant right place". Think about which plants may be suited to that shady spot or sunny area. Do some research online if you are unable to come into our garden centre and ask our expert gardening team for their advice. In the long run it will save you time, money and tears.

What's right for you

Herbs in containers

Do you want to grow just flowers and shrubs? or like many people right now do you want to try growing your own fruit, herbs and vegetables ? Have you tried your hand at hanging baskets or containers? Remember containers can contain fresh herbs or bedding plants, it's your dream garden.

Do you have a favourite colour scheme or style? Do you love the idea of a smart formal garden or do you want to be overwhelmed by a magnificent wild garden welcoming in nature, a Victorian secret cottage garden, a bang up to date modern contemporary style, kitchen garden or even a relaxing meditation garden?

Delight your senses

Planning your garden Style

Now let's think about your senses, how about adding some gorgeous fragrant plants or shrubs in a container beside your front door or window where the breeze will blow the scent indoors or perhaps put them somewhere you will brush past. Introduce a water feature either small or large for some soothing sound and no garden should be without some delicate lighting for those warm summer evenings or solar lights for darker evenings when you don't want to have to feel your way down to the shed.

Finally think about the style of furniture that is best for you, an outdoor family seating set complete with barbecue, a comfy swing bench to sit back and relax with a book, or would you prefer a bistro table for two to sit and lunch in the sunshine.

Let us help

Lunch in the garden

Now, sit down with your pen and notebook and start planning. Make a note of what jobs you will need to do to get started. What equipment you will need such as seeds, bulbs, compost and propagating equipment.

When you are finished and ready, come in and speak to us or order your equipment over the phone. We have a delivery service twice a week so you can arrange to have all your plants, shrubs, compost and bulbs brought straight to your door, if you are not sure of your progress just pop back in and we will be able to advise you, we don't just sell plants, our team also offer horticultural advice and help