Making The Perfect Transition Garden

As winter is slowly ebbing away, we thought you may need some help making the perfect transition garden. The cold snap is finally coming to an end, but with winter still lingering in the air, here are some ways to prepare your garden for spring, and add a pop of colour to these drab and dreary mornings.



Fail to prepare, prepare to fail as they say. I know that sounds a little drastic, but you must remember that in order to revamp your garden, you must do some ground work first. An important task to prepare your garden is pruning. Pruning is a key task this time of year in order to revitalise your garden.


What you need to prune:

Dogwood- This needs pruning right back, don’t be shy! Leave around 2-3 buds, which are outward facing. If it is quite a large bush, prune 1/3 of the old growth. (This technique can be used on other plants such as ornamental willow.)

Deciduous Grasses- This is another plant that is in need of a trim! Again DO NOT BE SHY! Prune this right down. However, be careful and avoid any new growth that is coming through.

Don’t just stop there! There are plenty of other plants that need pruning too, such as Apple and Pear trees. Also Wysteria needs pruning back to three buds of new growth.

So now you have pruned your garden to perfection, I’m sure it is desperate for some colour. Bright flowers are a flawless way to remind everyone that spring is just round the corner. The best way to display these fantastic colours, is making your own beautiful basket or container!


Planting up Containers:

To get that perfect pop of colour, here are some ideas of the plants and flowers you could include.


Tete á Tete- These are beautiful miniature daffodils that will bring a spark of yellow to your garden. Once the flowers have disappeared there is still plenty to do. Feed them with tomato fertiliser for six weeks and let the foliage die naturally. The good thing about Tete á Tete is that they just keep giving, you can either leave them in the soil, or take them out and let them dry out. Store them in a cool dry place until next September, when they are ready to be replanted.


Primroses- With a variety of different colours, impress your neighbours with a selection of bright Primroses. To maintain ensure these lovely flowers get a regular dead head and a light watering.



Pansies and Violas- Similar to Primroses, you can add even more colour with our selection of Pansies and Violas. With large flowers , they are bound to grab the attention of passers by, and let people know that spring is on the way!Primroses, you can add even more colour with our selection of Pansies and Violas. With large flowers, they are bound to grab the attention of passers by, and let people know that spring is on the way!

To maintain remember to regularly dead head, and make sure they get a light watering. All these plants are easy to maintain, as long as they get a good watering, their flowers will keep on shining through.Now your garden is beaming with colour, there is one final touch to  making the perfect transition garden.

You need to make it smell lovely...


Adding a Sweet Smell:

Although the cold snap is scaring away most plants, there are still some unique plants and flowers that will add a sweet scent to your garden. Here are some of our top highly scented plants, recommended by our head gardener


Strongly scented sarcoccoca for your garden

Sarcoccoca - This highly scented plant is perfect to add a gorgeous fragrance to your garden. It loves the shade, so plant it in a nice shady corner, and water regularly . Remember after flowering it needs to be pruned, but this is around June , so do not worry about this yet.

Witch Hazel - Another strong sweet smell to add to your garden, Witch Hazel is a little different to Sarcoccoca. Witch Hazel needs to planted some where sunny, I know we don’t get to see the sun much, but find a little spot in your garden that catches the rays. This will need pruning after flowering, but with a regular watering it will fill your garden with a wonderful scent.

Daphne- As well as being a popular character in Scooby Doo, this lovely perfumed plant prefers the shade. To maintain it requires a light watering and there is no need to prune.                                      Spring beauty is one of our Head gardener's  favourites!

Spring Beauty, a perfect addition to the garden


Most plants this time of year have a sweet smelling scent, and are perfect to make your garden look beautiful and smell divine. I hope these useful tips , will help you on your way to making a perfect transition garden.