Make Your Garden a Wildlife Wonderland!


Variety of bird care

Wildlife is a huge part of our gardens, it enables them to be full of life, and make them impressive to watch. The winter weather cause most wildlife to flee, many are back, and are lovely to see. Your garden is teeming with wildlife, and this blog will give you a few tips on how to attract and maintain the feeding frenzy. From birds to squirrels, hedgehogs to swans, Bradley Fold Garden Centre has everything you need to look after the wildlife in 2018.

Go Nuts!

       Peanuts attract many bird such Woodpeckers and Blue Tits. Peanut feeders are a garden must have. Loose peanuts are dangerous to the young birds appearing at your bird table in January, as they are a serious choking hazard. These simple feeders are perfect for attracting the likes of squirrels and woodpeckers, and they keep young birds safe from choking on a whole nut. Popping this out in the morning is sure to attract some furry friends to your garden. Also, if you find squirrels are becoming a nuisance, eating all the bird food. Setting up a squirrel feeding area is a good way to deter them from being too greedy!

Two Bags of Peanust for birds and two varieties of peanut feeder

REMEMBER: NO LOOSE NUTS! They are a choking hazard to the young birds you may attract to your garden.

A Nice Place to Nest

       Encouraging birds to set up a home in your garden is a wonderful thing. If you haven't already donned your garden with a nest box, why not add one to complete your bird friendly haven. However, do not worry if at first there isn't much interest in your Bird box paradise, as bird boxes usually attract residents when they have been weathered over a 12 month period. However, be prepared for next year, if you're new to nest boxes, as you never know there may be some interest.

three styles of nest box

      If you already have a nest box then do not forget to clean it. A spring clean is perfect for your house, but our feathered friends need a fresh clean house around this time of year. Blue Tits are one of the many birds looking for nesting places now, so make sure yours is nice and clean.

       A brand-new bird box  means you're all prepared for National Bird Box week. Commencing on the 14th of February, celebrate the beginning of spring with the new life found in your garden.

WARNING: Make sure bird boxes are positioned high up, so they are out of reach from predators.

Feeding Stations

          From nest boxes to feeding stations, during the winter food is severely important for birds to survive. Due to the high demand for energy, the best food that you can provide are Suet Balls. With a significant amount of fat in them, they are able to provide birds with the energy they need in this cold weather. Similar to nest boxes, feeding stations and bird tables should be thoroughly cleaned. We recommend the Chapelwood complete feeding station. To help you along the way, we are offering this amazing product for £19.99, RRP £34.99. *

two bags of suet, seed and insect pellets

Don't Forget There's More Than Just Birds!

             Apart from our feathered friends, there is a variety of wild life that may still be in hibernation. such as hedgehogs. If the winter weather becomes mild, hedgehogs may wake early from hibernation, and will be eager to eat. Pick up a bag of hedgehog food from the Garden Centre, but if you want to feed them in the meantime cat food works just as well. Hedge hogs should not be fed bread or milk as they cannot digest it properly. Another important thing to consider is, if your garden has a pond ensure that if a hedgehog fell in it has an easy way to get out again.

     Other than hedgehogs, ducks and swans can also pay a visit to your wild life paradise. similar to hedgehogs, they cannot digest bread, so the best thing to feed them is duck and swan food (also available at the Garden Centre). unlike bread, ducks and swans are able to digest it, and it does not contaminate the water.

hedgehog food, and duck and swan food

REMEMBER: Bread is bad! Ducks, Swans and Hedghogs cannot digest it properly.

Top Tips:

     This time of year it is crucial for wild life to have high energy food. for birds, a selection of suet balls and coconut feeders are ideal! Peanuts are also a great energy source and can attract birds such as woodpeckers, but can also entice squirrels. However, remember not to leave loose nuts on your feeding station, as they can act as choking hazard for young birds. Keep both your feeding station, and your nest boxes clean, and make sure that your nest boxes are correctly positioned in your garden. in relation to hedgehogs, ducks and swans, ensure you use the appropriate food, and avoid bread (and milk) as they do not digest it properly.

DATE TO REMEMBER: Don't forget National Bird Box Week begins on the 14th of February!

* Offer on the Chapelwood Complete Feeding Station from 22nd of January, subject to change.