Houseplants for nature lovers with little time on their hands.

Aloe Vera Houseplants

We all lead such busy lives these days and we all enjoy having our homes filled with greenery.    Most of us however have very little time to care for our houseplants, so we have chosen for you some of our most popular plants that can withstand a little bit of neglecting.


Also known as the ZZ plant or Eternity plant, this unusual plant with it's long arching fleshy stems and a glossy green foliage has rather a modern architectural look to it. Zamioculcas plants are able to cope with low light levels and low water levels. In fact it will continue to grow so this houseplant can certainly be killed with kindness. Check the soil, if you think it looks dry just leave it for a week or two before you water it, feeding no more than once a month. This easy to care for plant will be quite happy tucked away in a position with indirect light or even partial shade


Sanseviera Houseplant

Also known as Mother-in-laws tongue or Snake plant this plant has long, stiff spear like green leaves mottled in whites or yellow with yellow edges. Strong and easy to care for sansevieria can go for weeks without water and just need feeding monthly It is happy to be in partial or full shade as long as it is warm however avoid the scorching sunlight of a very sunny windowsill.   One interesting thing about these plants is that when NASA researched ways to clean air in space stations,Sansevieria houseplants were found to be an excellent air filtering plants.




Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Houseplant

The Aloe family varies a lot in shape, size and colour but they all have the same characteristics. Fat fleshy leaves that store water and a love of bright, warm places. The Aloe Vera is well known for its sticky sap that when applied to very minor burns can speed up healing and help soothe the pain (More severe burns or open wounds must be seen by a professional) This plant is very easy to look after, just allow it to become fairly dry before re-watering and feed no more than once a month




Crassula Houseplant

Commonly known as the Money plant this succulant will grow into a mini tree with fat fleshy leaves. It's called the money tree as it is so easy to propagate, just pop a leaf on top of some soil and withing weeks a new plant will start to sprout. Water when the top three to four inches of soil feels dry and feed occasionally during the summer





*All these plants are perfect for busy adults and students who have little time for caring for a indoor plant.       They may be however,  best avoided if you have small children, cats or dogs