Garden furniture and firebowls that will seriously impress your friends.


Garden furniture and firebowls that will seriously impress your friends


The sun is finally out! Drag out the lawnmower, stick the beers in the fridge and get your garden ready for hot days and long warm evenings. Let's have a look at our great garden furniture and super cool Kadai firebowls!


Garden Furniture

Saigon Chaise Longue Modular Set with Ottoman -Garden furniture set

The garden furniture you choose for your outside space will be based on many Factors. One of the things to bear in mind will be how much space you have, what your budget is and what style you prefer.

For a small space like a courtyard or balcony a bistro set  or companion set will be enough to create a relaxed atmosphere

You can decorate a larger garden with a elegant table for friends or family can join you for a meal or a glass of wine. You might like a tough, hard wearing bench for children to clamber on and sit.

Or maybe you just want a chaise longue that you can fling yourself on with a glass of wine and a good book when everyone else has gone out, yes we have thought of everything!


Kadai Firebowls

Kadai Firebowl The must have item this year for gardens has to be the Kadai firebowl.

This fabulous way of outdoor cooking is not new, styled on kadai cooking bowls from India they are made from hand cut metal plates and riveted for strength, they can be used as a barbecue for entertaining or as firepit for a peaceful chat in the evening.

A real focal point in any garden. Forget the sausages, this firebowl needs a steak sizzling on it that would make Fred Flintstone proud.





We have everything you need from garden furniture, lighting, firebowls and plants to transform your outdoor space into the summer sanctuary you can enjoy with friends and family.