Five Ways to Make the Most of your Spring Garden

Five Ways to Make the Most of your Spring Garden

Spring has sprung! With the weather warming up and blue sky finally showing it’s face, there is no better time to get out into the garden and make the most your outdoor sanctuary.
Here are five ways to enjoy your garden even before summer hits.

1. Make your garden look spick and span

Why limit spring cleaning to your home? Spring is also the perfect time to spruce up your garden. As well as cleaning any flag stones or paving, get troublesome weeds under control and tend your lawn back to its former glory – it’s incredibly satisfying! We know all to well how easy it is to let your garden overgrow during the chilly winter months!

We have a great selection of weeders and weed killers as well as some great lawn feeds which will leave your grass looking healthy, green and lush!

Watch the birds2. Watch the birds

There is nothing more soothing than watching the birds in your garden. At this time of the year, they are building their nests, incubating eggs and raising their youngsters, so need all the food they can get.

Thoroughly clean your bird feeders before filling them up with spring and summer food: being very careful about the kind of things you put out for them. Peanuts can be harmful for baby birds, so leave these out in favour of a good peanut-free seed mix, live or dried mealworms, black sunflower seeds and mild grated cheese. The RSPB has a great guide to spring feeding.

Plan your summer set-up3. Plan your summer set-up

Prepping for summer is a great way to make the most of your spring garden. As well as planting things like dahlias and giving your lawn some much-needed TLC, why not turn your attention to your outdoor garden furniture and accessories?

Things like chairs and garden benches will need sprucing up after being battered by the relentless winter weather – they may even need replacing! And, of course, summer means barbecues, so slick on some elbow grease and clean yours up, or fill the space in your garden that is crying out for one!

4. Bring everything back to life

A mass garden feed is the perfect excuse to get outside for an hour or so. And we aren’t just talking about watering the plants – enlist the help of specialist outdoor plant fertilisers and feeds for your whole garden. From everyday plant food to vegetable ripeners and garden fertiliser granules, there is something to nourish every inch of your space.

Sit and enjoy the peace and quiet5. Sit and enjoy the peace and quiet

Tending to your garden is a great way to get some fresh air into your lungs, but you don’t have to be as busy as a bee to make the most of your spring garden. Grab a book, sink back into one of your favourite garden leisure chairs, and simply enjoy the peace and quiet with nothing but birdsong for company.

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