Finding peace through gardening

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Trooping outside into the garden in my wellies as winter tails away, my heart is full of excitement and enthusiasm.
Those feelings are short lived as I sink into the sodden grass and kneel beside weed covered flower beds, sniffing in the cool air.
Yet after a short time I can feel the thoughts that have been whirring around my head all morning beginning to slow and the weight of the world starts to lift from my shoulders bringing peace.


This feeling of peace we get in our gardens is called mindfulness, aOlder couple gardening trendy word at the moment for a very real experience.In short, mindfulness can be described as just being in the moment and completely focused on the task at hand with no intrusive thoughts corroding away at our sense of well being. It is similar to meditation but as someone who finds it very hard to sit still for longer than five minutes and struggles to keep my mind wandering on to things I should be doing, then this is a much more suitable way to find my peace
The latest research is proving that which we already knew, that this isn't just a fashionable theory.

Children gardening


It seems that there are so many benefits through gardening for children and the elderly, the charity Thrive understand the importance of social and therapeutic horticulture for people with disabilities or other illnesses and it also helps to ease the pain of anxiety and depression.
Just some of the health benefits include lower blood pressure, a better night's sleep, greater concentration, stronger healthier hearts, stronger immune systems, improved social skills... The list is endless.

We knew it instinctively in the first world war when soldiers gardened in the trenches, not just for food but flowers as well, an escape even for a few hours from the horrors around them and a reminder of home, perhaps.
Exhibitions at the The garden museum in London have shown men painstakingly tending their tiny gardens and carefully pressed flowers were duly posted homes to their loved ones.
When many of those brave men returned home they were advised, (as many people suffering trauma have since) that gardening can help towards healing.


No matter how small our outdoor space is, turning over the heavy soil andBuddha water feature yanking out tough little weeds is certainly worth every blissful moment of peace. Of course relaxing in the sunshine with a cold drink in front of you and your own personally created, sweat and tears garden in full bloom surrounding you, is perhaps the icing on the cake. Create your own quiet space in the garden by making a small secluded area, maybe shaded from the world with a piece of trellis with flowers grown through it. You could add a small water feature or just a comfy lounger or wicker chair with a soft cushion. Try to avoid music or audio books unless its a very soothing piece to create the right atmosphere.

Then just relax.



Improve your health by practicing mindfulness whenever you have the opportunity just by going outdoors and pottering in the garden