Feeling hot, hot, hot...with Kadai Firebowls!

Feeling Hot with Kadai FirebowlsFamiliar with Kadai fire bowls? You should be.

You will wonder how you ever coped without one when you try an authentic fire bowl.

So, let’s break it down. Confused by the term Kadai? A Kadai is simply a bowl-shaped frying pan with two handles.


Kadai GrillEnjoy the smoke and sear of
the grill

Fire bowls are a must-have item in India. We think they are a must-have item for your outdoor living area too!

These types of bowls have been used for hundreds of years in India to cook food at weddings and ceremonies, so they truly are something special.


The history of Kadai Firebowls

history of Kadai Firebowls

The adventurous Christo Mckinnon-Wood went on a trip to India, and the rest, as they say, is history. He loved the unique cooking bowls and thought it would be a good idea to put the fire inside the bowl instead of underneath it.

He realised the potential of the fire bowls with some further experimentation and decided it would make a great BBQ too (with the addition of grills on the top).

Thanks to Christo’s creativity and ingenuity, the Kadai Firebowl was born!


A grill that beats off the chillA grill that beats off the chill

The fire bowls are incredibly versatile and can even be used as a fire pit to keep the chill at bay on cooler evenings.

They are handmade in India using traditional methods. They’re pretty quirky too, as they are made out of recycled oil drums.



You’ll be burning with excitement at our wide range of Kadai products from Kadai firebowls, to skillets, swing grills, skewers and even gloves. These great bowls of fire will help you to enjoy the great outdoors, even more.