Autumn Garden Essentials


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Though the festive season is fast approaching, we cannot forget our Autumn Garden essentials. From looking after the lawn to plant care, don’t neglect your garden this Autumn. This blog post will take you through the essential tasks to keeping your garden in tip top condition this Autumn.

Autumn Garden  To Do List

Scarify The Lawn

If your lawn isn’t water logged or frozen, a key task to do in your garden this Autumn is to scarify your lawn. Scarifying your lawn is important as it removes any thatch that has built up on top, allowing the desired grass to grow through, instead of moss and weeds.


Any early flowering perennials such as Hellebores and Peonies need some extra attention in the Autumn. Remember to deadhead the early blooming perennials this Autumn to keep up with the growth of your garden. Deadheading is an essential task as it allows the plant to focus on flower growth, so it can create beautiful blooms. By deadheading you improve the flowering performance of the perennial.

Replace Summer Bedding

Unfortunately Summer is over, darker days and the falling leaves of Autumn are upon us, which means your garden needs some autumn bedding plants to keep the colours of summer! Bedding such as Pansies, Violas, Primroses, Polyanthus, and Cyclamen are the perfect addition an autumn garden.

pansies and Violas, Autumn Bedding

Cutting Down and Keeping Warm

In a similar way to deadheading, some plants will need cutting down in the autumn to avoid things like wind rock or because they have simply finished flowering. Plants such as Buddleia and Lavatera need to be cut down by half to stop wind rock. Roses that have finished flowering need to be cut down too. If your Rose is a Florabunda Hybrid cut it down by half to stop wind rock.

Fleece any tender plants in order to protect them from frost. Flowers such as Cannas and Dahlias need to have there foliage cut down, and be placed in a frost free place such as a greenhouse.

Plant Wall Flowers

Another autumn essential task is to plant wall flowers  and other flowers such as Sweet William, in order for them to bloom in the Spring.