A New Tradition: The Christmas Eve Box

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‘Tis the season to be jolly, which means another year of festive spirit. After fiddling with Christmas lights, and carefully placing decorations on the tree, it's all about preparation for the big day. I’m not talking turkey, or sprout peeling, I mean this year’s new tradition, a Christmas Eve Box.


A Christmas Eve box? Yep, as well as the popular elf on a shelf, the Christmas eve box is jam packed with treats for all the family. From hot chocolate, to sweet treats, it has everything you need to prepare for Santa’s arrival. Although the Christmas eve box is perfect for families, it can also be the perfect way to spend Christmas eve with a loved one. How do I make one?  Well here’s what you will need.


What you need:

For a family friendly box, you will need:

  • A Festive Christmas Eve Box (to keep all your treats in)                                       Children's Christmas Eve Box
  • A Key for Santa (so he can pop all the presents under the tree)
  • Pencils and Paper (to write a little note for Santa)
  • Reindeer Food (so Rudolph’s nose shines bright the whole night through)
  • Hot Chocolate and a Festive Mug to drink it from!

The Family Christmas Eve box is perfect planner for your festive evening. Writing letters to Santa, whilst sipping hot chocolate is a wonderful way to spend your Christmas eve.

However, if you’re a little too old for Santa, then do not worry, you can still have the perfect Christmas Eve Box.



For an adult friendly box, you will need:

Adult's Christmas Eve Box


  • A Bottle of Beer or Wine (whichever you fancy)
  • A Sharing Bag of Crisps
  • Sweet treats of your choice (a bar of chocolate might do the trick)
  • Hot Chocolate and a festive mug! (because no one is too old for hot chocolate!)





Both these boxes can act as a beautiful memory boxes for Christmases to come. They are a real treat for the family or for a cosy night in before the big day.